Month: July 2020

Use of BBTC courts during the current lockdown

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During the next 6 weeks, the Burnt Bridge courts will be open for coaching and casual play under the following restrictions. Please read carefully and abide by these restrictions so that we can keep the risk of infection to a minimum and continue to use our courts.

1. The clubhouse will remain closed.

2. A maximum of 10 people can attend the courts at any one time.

3. Social distancing must be observed at all times (1.5m distance between individuals) and hand sanitiser should be used before entering the courts and after leaving.

4. Coaching can proceed with Coach + 1 person or Coach + persons from one household. The number of spectators should be limited to parents or carers as these numbers will be included in the total of 10 on the premises at any one time. Arrival for classes should be staggered and entry will be by the main gate and departure by the gate beside courts 5/6.

5. Casual play can take place with 2 persons from different households per court or one household per court up to a total of 10 persons in the club grounds.

6. All members wishing to use the courts for casual play MUST contact me by text on 0412 032292 before coming to the courts indicating the time of use and the names of those using the courts. This should be done preferably the day before play or at least several hours before play. In order to reduce the number of people handling the lock on the main gate.

7. Players should attend the courts at the time booked and leave immediately play has finished.

8. Please bring water bottles and sanitiser. Sanitiser will be available at coaching sessions.

If you have any questions please contact me by email or text. Thank you in advance for keeping to these restrictions and enjoy your tennis.

Best wishes,
Beverley Bencina
Secretary BBTC